Stage 1

Let's Be Friends

Groomers begin by profiling a child's vulnerability, and whether he or she matches their preferences.

At this point, groomers typically ask for demographic details and photos that are non-sexual in nature.

Online Child Grooming 

/a planned predatory behaviour/

Forming a trusting and emotional connection with a child, so as to sexually exploit and abuse them.

This process involves manipulating a child into being more readily abused.


Stage 2

It's Just You & Me

If you are a match, groomers proceed to build an emotional attachment by creating an illusion of a best friend. They do so  by learning about your interests, showering attention, and sharing secrets.

As you exchange more personal information, you may start to cherish this intimate relationship.

Before moving on, groomers often measure their risk of getting exposed. For example, they might ask if you are using a shared computer to chat with them.


Stage 3

Shall We...?

Once ready, groomers will try to shape your sexual boundaries by introducing explicit content. For example, they  may ask you, "Do you ever touch yourself?"

Groomers may eventually ask to meet up, and often, victims willingly do so and sometimes also develop romantic feelings.