The Predator

The Fisherman

Overly interested in your personal information and “innocently”

fishes for it.

The Prince(ess) Charming

Always sympathetic, understanding and kind. Showers you with too much flattery, too often.

​The Secret Santa

Sends you gifts for no reason or buys you whatever you wish for.

The Blackmailer

Controls you with ‘dark secrets’ and isolates you from your friends

and family.


Predators are never age, gender, race or nationality specific.

The Prey

The Secret Keeper 

Secretive about who they're texting and what they're doing online. Spends more time online than with friends and family.

The Age Gap

Not always the case, but sometimes having a much older boyfriend or girlfriend could be a cause
for concern.

The Santa Baby 

Receives gifts or uses items that are beyond what they can afford.  

The Sexually Matured

Exhibits sexual behaviours, language or an understanding beyond

their years. 

The Emotional Rollercoaster 

Becomes distressed, easily upset or suddenly withdrawn. Victims may not understand that they've been groomed. They often experience a complex mix of love, confusion and fear.